Last night in Sweden, the latest series of the ‘Så Mycket Bättre’ TV show kicked off. In a nutshell, it’s a group of very different singers, all famous, getting together and singing each other’s songs. Each of the artists has a week devoted to them, where the others all take a turn in singing that artist’s hits.

What’s causing OUR interest in it though, is the participation of one artist in particular – September. She’s back! And this is going to be a great way to hear her voice every week for the next couple of months. A voice that we’ve missed oh so much. On top of this, we’re also looking forward to the week where the other artists take on her songs. Such amazing songs they are, it’ll be great to hear a new take on them.

Last night’s featured artist was Lasse Berghagen. And September sang an absolutely stunning, must-see version of his old hit, ‘Teddybjörnen Fredriksson’. It’s got a beautiful fragility to it, delivered with perfect vocals from her. And isn’t she gorgeous?! You can watch it below.

Although of course this new performance and reminder of how great an artist she is, leads to the question of when we’re going to get some new music from her. WELL! Her superb new single ‘Resuscitate Me’ will be released in Sweden in the first week of November, via Catchy Tunes. She’s already filmed the video for it too, so that will be out very soon. And that’s all we’re allowed to say on the matter – for now!

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