A brand new single from Swedish artist and noted friend of Eric Saade, J-Son, after the all conquering ‘Remedy‘.

This one is called ‘Mr Feelgood’. Funnily enough, it IS quite the “feelgood” anthem. A mid-tempo, piano heavy, track with a big pop chorus. It’s got a melody that lends itself to a good hum after only one listen, making its consumption all the more enjoyable and easier to digest.

J-Son has not released a duff single in the entire time we’ve been following his career. We’ve just realised that this is quite impressive. Keep it up please, J-Son.

You can stream ‘Mr Feelgood’ in full below. It’s unfortunate for J-Son that they’ve used a picture of Natalie from Cascada to accompany his new single. But oh well. Such is life. If it helps, J-Son – we think you’re prettier than her anyway.