Janet Leon: ‘New Colours’ (7th Heaven club mix!)

Janet Leon: ‘New Colours’ (7th Heaven club mix!)

It doesn’t get much gayer than this, ladies and gentlemen. And as such, it doesn’t really get much better either.

Just when you think that 7th Heaven can’t out-gay the remix they turned in for Agnetha Fältskog’s ‘Dance Your Pain Away’ a month or so ago, they go and top themselves (oh this is just too easy) with their club mix of Janet Leon’s Stockholm Pride 2013 theme song, ‘New Colours‘. Good luck attempting to listen to this and not being all arms aloft shrieking “I WANT NEW COLOOOUUUURRRSSSS” (said colours preferably displaying via a handkerchief placed carefully out of the back pocket of your preference) afterwards.

The ‘New Colours’ remix package is also bulging provocatively with mixes from JRMX, Benji of Sweden, and Mr Bubblehead. But really, 7th Heaven’s work shines the sparkliest.

Here’s the radio edit too. But in all honesty – it NEEDS to be heard in ALL its CONSIDERABLE glory;

Janet herself has been a busy bunny promoting the song on Swedish television in recent weeks, what with it being Stockholm Pride season and all that.

Below, you can watch her performances.

(a word of warning though – some of them are…… *shudders* ………acoustic)

New Colours (acoustic) on Nyhetsmorgon

These Chains (acoustic) on Nyhetsmorgon

New Colours on Sommarlov

Heartstrings on Sommarlov


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