Melodifestivalen 2013’s Janet Leon today gave a glimpse into what she’s up to since we last heard from her.

And that includes working on an album with Jörgen Elofsson! The legendary Swedish songwriter has a big part in the album which Janet will release in 2013, after the contest. She told us last week when we met her, that’s it’s ALL pop. So we’re happy bunnies.

Today though, she gave us a preview of what she’s been working on – in the form of a full live acoustic performance of brand new track ‘These Chains’. Written by herself, along with Jörgen Elofsson, Lisa Desmond and Jesper Jakobsson, it’s a melodic song with a hefty dosage of attitude within the lyrics. Christ only knows what the final version will sound like – dancepop, r&bpop, or balladpop – but Janet assures us it’s gonna be pop and that’s good enough for us.

In other Janet Leon news, this is quite exciting. Yesterday she tweeted a photo of an actual string orchestra playing and recording the actual strings that will appear on her actual Melodifestivalen entry ‘Heartstrings’. And how cool does it all look?!

It’s all very early days, but there’s both instinct and a lot of other people telling us to ‘listen out for’ Janet Leon in 2013….


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