Jessica Andersson is back with a new single and a new sound. And a new album too. The album, written in collaboration with Peter LeMarc and Marit Bergman (oooh, fancy!) is called 40.14.4 and will be released on October 16th. And the first single, ‘Septembermorgon’ was released yesterday.

It’s a beautiful, soft, and melancholic ballad. One which builds and builds and BUILDS (the trumpets, the trumpets!) and then stops and then comes back with a bang (more trumpets). Obviously totally different to the Jessica Andersson y’all know and love from her first four years of Melodifestivalen appearances, but not that far removed from her fifth and most recent appearance at the contest, or indeed her last album.

Coupled with her forthcoming appearance on SVT’s big new autumn TV show Alla Tiders Hits (kinda like Så Mycket Bättre), this new album is going to be the big relaunch of Jessica Andersson’s career. Without being cynical, we reckon she’s aiming for the Petra Marklund effect. And why not.

You can listen to ‘Septembermorgon’ in full by skipping to the 6:05 mark of the below stream;