New Swedish boyband ahoy!

JTR are three brothers – John Andreasson, Tom Lundbäck, and Robin Lundbäck – who last year moved from Sweden to Australia with their Mum. And what did they do when they got there? They auditioned successfully for Australian X Factor, eventually making the live shows and then progressing halfway through the competition before being eliminated in week 6. Amazing.

This week saw the chaps release their first single and video, ‘Ride’. A summery (it’s summer in Oz, see) guitarpop song that sounds more like One Direction than One Direction do these days. ‘Ride’ is the archetypal boyband offering. So if you enjoy an offering from a boyband, then this will most likely be up your street. It is certainly up ours. There’s no game changing going on here, simply game playing.

‘Ride’ is out now and has been released everywhere from Australia to Sweden and the UK. The first album ‘Touchdown’ is out in a couple of days.


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