We feel like we’re at the stage now where we don’t need to tell you how excited we were today to have discovered some new music from Anne-Lie Rydé. You know the score now. You are fully aware of our thoughts on this legendary artist and amazing woman. So you can imagine our reaction when we embarked on our regular exercise of typing the words ‘Anne-Lie Rydé’ into Spotify this morning, and discovered that a new single had been uploaded. We let out an audible gasp which vaguely turned into a slight shrill, before listening to it, brimming with excitement.

Even better – not only is it new Anne-Lie Rydé music, it’s a slightly electro track AND it’s got a dance remix! Anne-Lie has just got even edgier!

Ok, so the track is called ‘Hela Livet Passerar Revy’. And it’s a duet with Julian Brandt. Like we said, it’s electro, but sort of electro rock. 80’s electro rock. In fact, the intro is not unlike a typical Christmas song from the 80’s (yes, THAT good!). It’s all quite upbeat and joyful and sing-a-long. And our Anne-Lie sounds on fine vocal form, barely able to contain the joy in her voice at being allowed to let rip on a big pop number again. Although her vocals are still quite restrained, in comparison to stuff like ‘Sån’t Är Livet’ (which, incidentally, is the song that we’d gone on to her Spotify page for to listen to in the first place).

The dance remix is our favourite of the two versions though. For one, it features more of her and less of him (sorry Julian, you’re probably an incredible artist, but you set yourself up for being overlooked when you get the one and only Anne-Lie Rydé to guest on your track), and on top of that, it’s also got a production on it that’s right up our alleyway. Robyn-esque synths, more of that 80’s electro sound, and a thumping dance beat.

The song is from Julian Brandt’s ‘Demonen’ album which was released earlier this year. But the reception to this song has OBVIOUSLY been so great, that it was released as a single in its own right at the end of last month.

You can listen to it here. And we don’t think there are going to be any territory restrictions on that, as it’s available to buy on iTunes worldwide too. But if there is, well, what are you waiting for – buy it on iTunes!

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