She’s already been responsible for giving us the brill ‘Younger’ earlier this year, and truth be told that would have been enough for us to be thankful to Norwegian popstrel Julie Bergan up until the end of 2014. But regardless, this week she’s generously come back with the follow-up single, ‘Fire’. And this afternoon she premiered the track on Norway’s P3 Radio.

Like ‘Younger’ before it, ‘Fire’ is another Pure Pop track. A well chorused banger that’s been peppered ever so slightly with flavours of the 90s – although the sell-by date of this song is most definitely a long way off. At some point in late 2014 at the very earliest. ‘Fire’ is raucous without ever losing its cool, and supremely catchy without ever becoming annoying.

Norway’s got itself a very good new popstar, hasn’t it?

‘Fire’ is released this Friday, May 23rd.

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