We know we’re not the most interesting twitter account in the world, but Jesus H. Christ, those Love Generation girls need to have a word with themselves! Each of them have been given access to their twitter account, and here’s what they’ve had to say over the last few days;

”Love generatiooon in the car!!!! Listening to loud music! We are exciited!!!”
”Love G is on plaaaaane. wohohoohoooo !!!!!”
”Hoome after a powerwalk! Tomorrow time to pack for greece!! /R”
”Home after a loooong powerwalk. Greece tomorrow! We are sooo excited!!!!”
”Im dead after a POWER RUN.. Lol/Roshana”

In comparison, let’s see what fellow Swedish popstar, Robyn, has had to say for herself on twitter today;

”A fly just had a shit on my computer.”

Thank goodness the Love Generation girls make such mind numbingly amazing music! Here’s the vid again;

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