Last night Swedish Idol found itself its latest winner – and so this morning we get the latest winner’s song!

First though, the winner. Kevin Walker didn’t really start off being the most talked about contestant this year. It was only until the alarming parallels between his weak singing performances and massive popularity came to light. The further he got in the competition, the more criticism he got over him being there, the more fans he earned, the more people he pissed off, the more diehard his fans became. And so it went on until the final. A final in which even if his competitor Elin Bergman had won, it would have been an empty victory as the win would almost certainly have been down to people voting against Kevin rather than voting for her. As it happened though, Kevin won against Elin, or rather his fans won against his haters.

Love him or loathe him though, it’s as if the winner’s song ‘Belong’ was tailor made for him – and his voice suits it perfectly. Or at least it does on the studio version anyway. Swedish Idol 2013 decided that this year’s song should be loosely based on the biggest Swedish hit of the year, domestically and internationally. And it just so happens that the hit in question was undeniably Avicii’s ‘Wake Me Up’, and so it turns out that ‘Belong’ itself is a little bit brilliant also.

Country music crossed with dance music crossed with Idol winning inspirational pop music. What a formula.

We’d recommend listening to the studio version first though…’s the 90 second preview that’s streaming on iTunes;

[audio:|titles=Belong preview]

And here’s the live performance from last night. Sweden’s new Idol;



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