KingQueen: ‘La La Land’

Where have you been all our lives, KingQueen?!

The Swedish singing lady now has a new single out, ‘La La Land’. She’s been releasing music for some time before now, but this is the first we’ve heard of her – and WHAT an introduction it’s been!

‘La La Land’ is a super catchy exercise in electropunkpop. Packed with an infectious attitude, although not abrasively so. It sort of reminds us of a cross between a slew of female fronted acts that cropped up in Britain in the early noughties – Portobella, The Faders, and some band called Girls Aloud.

It starts off with a rap from her fellow Swede, Lazee. And then she pops up, and it really is relentless from then on! Punch after punch after punch of lyrics shouted in a mesmerising melody, to an electrorock soundtrack.

And the video is quite fab too;

Want more?!

You can stream clips of each of the songs from her new album, ‘Music’, here.

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