Laleh’s putting out a new single from her current ‘Sjung’ album, the record’s third. And she’s decided to go with ‘What You Want’.

Cited in many of the album reviews as ‘Sjung’s best track, it’s an obvious choice. More upbeat and punchy than the previous two singles (although we do prefer ‘Some Die Young’ actually) it’s at the very least, a change of pace for her and a showcase of a different side to the album. It’s also got a very memorable chorus – not just for her vocal, but even more so for the irresistible “ah-ah-ah-ah-aaah” backing vocal that she provides. You’ll know what we mean when you listen to it below, it’s intensely catchy.

Good choice, Laleh! And Swedish radio station P3 have already playlisted it. Job done.

‘What You Want’ follows on from the singles ‘Some Die Young‘ and ‘Vårens Första Dag‘. Folks from outside of Sweden can pick up Laleh’s ‘Sjung’ album (featuring all three of those singles) from our online store here.

Sjung - Laleh



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