The Svenska Hjältar Galan took place last night, and we were treated to some musical guest performances from Robyn and Darin! Oooh!

Robyn did a fantastic version of her current single ‘Indestructible’, which starts off as the acoustic version that we all know and love from ‘Body Talk Pt2’, but which goes into the full uptempo single edit halfway through. Much to the audience’s delight!

Darin performed a cover of ‘Heroes’ by David Bowie, which was recently a huge hit in the UK thanks to another cover version by the X Factor finalists. Unfortunately though, Darin’s version is ruined somewhat by his duet partner, Jonna Lee, who really needs to tone down the melodramatics. If not for her usual performances, then at least for a one-off, high profile, televised duet, where the partner is doing his very best not to look like a knob end. It’s a duet that could have worked really well, but didn’t because of her insistence that she comes across as the chalk to Darin’s tasteful cheese.

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