It’s been far too long since the last Le Kid single, hasn’t it? Over a year since ‘Human Behaviour’. But mercifully, they’re now back.

Released in Germany, Austria, and Switzerland on April 19th, ‘We Are Young’ is the brand new single. Although you can already listen to it below.

The chorus is very Le Kid. The music, the tempo, and the general tone are all very Le Kid meets Icona Pop. It’s properly, spankingly brill. Best bits are that aforementioned Le Kid signature chorus, and a production which bangs, and crashes, and chugs with purpose. It definitely sounds like a new era of Le Kid. A new era of Le Kid – wouldn’t that be marvellous?

Listen to ‘We Are Young’ here.

They’re back! We’d say back to their best, but then they’ve never really stopped being their best, have they?


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