Tonight’s Allsång På Skansen really didn’t have much in the way of entertainment that can fit up our street – with one huge exception that is. The almighty Lena Philipsson!

She paraded onto the stage and stole the entire 90 minute show with all of the ease of one of her facial expression put downs, and the great gusto of the attitude behind them! To celebrate her 25 year anniversary as an artist, she launched into a medley of hits comprising ‘Idiot’, ‘Det Gör Ont’, ‘Kärleken Är Evig’, and ‘Lena Anthem’. Dressed in a pristine white suit and killer black heels, she owned the stage, commanded the crowd’s attention, caused an uproar of excitement, before descending into farcical but fabulous tomfoolery for the last minute or so. We adore this woman. A whole lot.

She then came back later in the show to perform the full ‘Lena Anthem’, which again descended (or perhaps ascended, depending on your tastes!) into something of a solo rave towards the end, complete with yelps, shrieks, and squeals. We really can’t wait for her series of live shows this Autumn!

You can peruse the whole show, or browse some of the clips, at SVT’s Allsång På Skansen website here.

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