Life Is Good…


AATW have announced their next E-Type single in the UK. It’s ‘Life’ which first hit number one in Sweden eight years ago. And as with all E-Type songs, it’s ALL about the amazing female vocal led chorus! The lady on duty this time around, as with most of their other songs, is NaNa Hedin. And as always, there’s a killer key change thrown in to assist with the release of happy chemicals in our heads!

E-Type haven’t really been having much success in the UK unfortunately. ‘True Believer’ was probably their best shot when it was released last year. But said release was delayed until the very end of 2008, by which time a lot of the people who had heard and loved the song, had managed to obtain it illegally online, given that it was an older track. Because of this lack of success, AATW have received a lot of unfair criticism from fans. But the truth is, the record label have put a lot of time and effort into E-Type, cherry picking the songs that they feel have the highest UK hit potential out of the hefty Swedish back catalogue. The remix packages for ‘True Believer’ and subsequent single ‘Rain’ were carefully tailored towards reaching the right music fan, but unfortunately, neither of them really took off. Admirably though, AATW are persisting with what they see as a great artist in E-Type, and it’s also evident that AATW’s introduction of E-Type to the UK market has resulted in a new British fan base for him – a fan base who are delighting in finding their way through his fifteen year back catalogue.

At this point though, we’d like to recommend that the delectable NaNa Hedin isn’t left out of people’s minds!!! One only needs to check out her 2005 entry from Melodifestivalen to see that she’s more than capable of delivering the goods without help from E-Type. ‘Wherever You Go’, whilst completely different to any of her work with E-Type, still manages to fit in one of the key changes that she’s famous for. It’s a schlager delight that goes from strength to strength throughout its three minutes. E-Type fans should be aware though, that the lady they see in E-Type’s videos isn’t actually the vocalist – she’s only miming along to NaNa’s vocals!

This ladies and gentlemen….is NaNa!!!;

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