One of our favourite songs of 2011 has been amongst the best work of two of Sweden’s most internationally prolific music maestros  right now – RedOne and Mohombi. It’s ‘Suave’, which you can read a little bit more about here.

RedOne produces, Mohombi sings, and they’re joined by Nayer and Pitbull. And along comes another excuse for us to adorn the pages of this website with the song – the arrival of its video!

The foursome have seemingly found a private cove to lark about in, and have filmed their exploits for us all to see. In truth, there’s not a lot happening in this video – and visually, it’s pretty much all about Nayer and her fantabulous cleavage! However, we think the song is genuinely brilliant and needs as much attention as it can get – so listen and view once again below. Why this hasn’t been a worldwide hit of ‘On The Floor’ proportions is beyond us.

For more 2011 RedOne + Mohombi splendiferousness, see also the sublimity of ‘Maraca’ and ‘In Your Bed’. And check out our ‘Best of RedOne’ Spotify playlist here.

What a truly wonderful place pop music is in, in 2011!

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