The lovely lady Linda Pritchard notched up a month on the Swedish album chart yesterday with her debut album, ‘Alive’. If you haven’t had the chance to check it out yet, we’d thoroughly recommend a full investigation. It’s an out and out pop album, not the complete ballad-fest that most people assumed it would be. There are ballads on there, yes, but we’d say on the whole it’s got more in common with her single ‘Miracle’, than it has with her most recent hit, ‘Alive’. “Something for everyone” is a bit of a cliche, but there’s r&b tracks (‘Not Even Hello’), disco numbers (the Kylie-esque ‘Dance Your Tears Away’ being our personal fave), electro rock cuts (‘Alienized’ and ‘Satellite’), and of course some excellent ballads to showcase those vocals of hers (our fave being ‘Crying In The Rain’.

ANYWAY, where were we? Yes. Linda this week showcased one of those very tracks we just mentioned, our favourite ‘Dance Your Tears Away’. It’s an acoustic version mind, but that excellent melody is all present and correct, and it’s a pleasant listen nonetheless. And the vocals…..THOSE vocals!

Can this be the next single please Linda? In its original disco format, thank you very much.

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