Linnea Dale has this week put out a video for her current single ‘A Room In A City’.

The single actually came out back in March, but it’s been a bit of a sleeper hit, gaining momentum as the months go on – until here we are with a music video that has gained 24,000 views in 24 hours.

‘A Room In A City’ is a slow burner with a rousing chorus and a dreamy post-chorus. Delivered to perfection by Linnea’s purposefully detached and nonchalant vocal. And the artistic accompanying video completes the package. Everything about the song just clicks together. It’s a jolly good listening experience.

Linnea Dale first shot to fame as a 16 year old on Norwegian Idol. She then hooked up with Donkeyboy to become a vocalist on ‘Sometimes’, and more notably, their monster hit ‘Ambitions’.

A Room In a City - Single - Linnea Dale


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