Linnea Henriksson has selected the next single to be taken from her current album ‘Du Söker Bråk, Jag Kräver Dans’. And naturally, P3 Radio have added it to their playlist – standard fare for Linnea by this stage. It’s ‘Ensamheten’!

In keeping with the theme of the rest of the album, it’s an electro flavoured update on the indiepop sound that Linnea mastered on her previous album. And with ‘Enshamheten’ in particular, it’s a sound that doesn’t blend in with the music that any other mainstream artist is making at the moment. ‘Ensamheten’ is an odd concoction that merges industrial synths with a more traditional indie ballad. It’s a highlight in the context of the rest of the album, and also a sensible cut to be made a standalone ambassador for it. P3 won’t be playing anything else like this for the nest few weeks!

Below you can listen to the studio recording of ‘Ensamheten’, and watch Linnea perform it on Swedish TV last month.

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