Norwegian electropop lady Lise Karlsnes is BACK a little over a month after we last wrote about her and her previous single, ’Red Hot’.

She dropped into NRK’s P1 radio studios this week to premiere her new single, ‘Darkest Blue’ – written by her and produced by “Mr The Saturdays”, Thomas Eriksen. As the title hints at, it’s a little bit darker than the electro euphoria of ‘Red Hot’. It sees Lise subduing herself into an ethereal trance, with Thomas attempting to revive her with some synth trance!

The first verse is quite WTF, but don’t worry – the chorus is very OMG, with a slight hint of LSD. LOL.

And once you’ve lived through the chorus, the second verse then make a lot more sonic sense.

Have a listen, go on;

Lise’s album ‘Dance Or Die’ is out early next year.

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