Mans Zelmerlow has done the gentlemanly thing and made his new album available to listen to in its entirety for your aural pleasure! ‘MZW’ is currently streaming over at his myspace ahead of its retail release next Wednesday. We assume it’ll be taken down when it’s out in the shops, but until then head over to

And what’s it like? Well it’s got ‘Hope & Glory’ on there. And it’s also got a few ballads. And a few R&B song. And some dance tracks too. And you can probably guess which of the genres are our favourites!……..

The dance ones are sublime! ‘Forever’ sounds like he’s sold one of his Melodifestivalen entries to Basshunter for a lifetime of slavery (a good thing). ‘Saved Again’ stays more true to the likes of ‘Hope & Glory’ and ‘Cara Mia’, and comes with a matching key change. And then there’s ‘Home’. We absolutely love this one. It starts off as a ballad. Then a bit of R&B kicks in. Then a dance beat enters the fray. And for three minutes you’re left wondering whether it’s either of the three. Then you realise that you don’t care, as it’s utterly amazing. Then you skip back so that you can listen to it again!

It’s a very consistent and cohesive album though, so do give those gorgeous ballads and melodious uptempo songs a good listen to too. We already prefer it to his first album, which we also loved.

My, aren’t we being spoilt for new scandipop this month?!

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