So then. Here’s the latest on Loreen.

Now that ‘Crying Out Your Name‘ has run its course in Sweden and ‘My Heart Is Refusing Me‘ has run its course in Europe (that’s the new version of ‘My Heart Is Refusing Me’, not the original version that was a single in Sweden in 2011), she has put out another new single from the ‘Heal’ album. ‘In My Head‘. Only in Sweden though, not in Europe. It came out last week. And then this week (today in fact), she released another new single – her collaboration with Kleerup, ‘Requiem Solution‘. That’s out in Sweden, and it’s also out internationally too.

With this (also today) came the premiere of a new video. But it’s not for ‘In My Head’. Nor is it for ‘Requiem Solution’. It’s for the title track from her ‘Heal’ album. ‘Heal’. Oh yeah, and the video for ‘My Heart Is Refusing Me’ that we’ve all been waiting for, for around six months now? That’s been cancelled. For now.

Watch the video for ‘Heal’ below.

And enjoy the album. Full of all those amazing songs that need showcasing. And she’s doing it. One by one.


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