Loreen has just announced what the fifth single to be taken from her ‘Heal’ album in Sweden is. It’s ‘In My Head’.

The release features a single edit, which is just under a minute shorter than the album version. And it also features the Promise Land remix, both in a radio edit and an extended edit. The Promise Land remix does to ‘In My Head’ pretty much exactly what the international version of ‘My Heart Is Refusing Me’ did – it stays true enough to the original, just giving it a slightly more club friendly feel.

It’s not the only new single she’ll release this week – on Wednesday she’ll also be putting out her collaboration with Kleerup, ‘Requiem Solution’ (listen to the acoustic version of that here). And on the same day, she’ll be performing it (the Kleerup collab) at the Swedish Grammys.

Below you can listen to the radio edit of the brand new Promise Land mix.. The single has just been released in Sweden.

Watch the live performances of ‘In My Head’ we’ve featured on the site here.

And if you’ve yet to pick up the ‘Heal’ album, erm what’s wrong with you? ‘Tis available worldwide from our online store.

‘In My Head’ (Promise Land radio edit)

‘In My Head’ (album version)

In My Head - Single - Loreen


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