Loreen(‘s people) announced a few weeks back that she would be performing her new single for the first time at Finland’s Elämä Lapselle gala this week. “YAY” we thought. Then a couple of days ago, Warner Music Finland said that she would indeed be performing her new single at this event – that new single being ‘My Heart Is Refusing Me’. “NEEEJJJ“, we hissed. (we may or may not have audibly hissed).

‘My Heart Is Refusing Me’ isn’t a new song. What are they thinking? All this wait for a follow-up to ‘Euphoria’ and they release a song that we all grew to know and love a year and a half ago?

Well actually, we can relax. There’s a plan.

Warner Music Sweden tweeted us yesterday to confirm that ‘My Heart Is Refusing Me’ is only the new international single. And that a proper new single for Sweden will be announced on Loreen’s Facebook page very soon. PHEW! Although we don’t know whether to resent Warner for making us wait so long for this new song, or love them for building it up to what now must be the most anticipated (Scandinavian pop) single of the year. Actually it’s probably best if we reserve our feelings of love or hate until we hear the song in question.

For now though, we can enjoy this new version of ‘My Heart Is Refusing Me’, and enjoy it for what it is – an amazing remake of an amazing song, and a worthy follow up to ‘Euphoria’ outside of Sweden. You can watch the (funnily enough, also amazing) performance below – along with her performance of ‘Euphoria’ from the same night.

My Heart Is Refusing Me



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