Just a few hours ago in Hötorget in Stockholm, thousands of people gathered to welcome Loreen home to Sweden, after her Eurovision win in Baku over the weekend. And the whole thing was broadcast live on SVT.

Obviously it was a pretty special moment to watch. And we can’t even begin to imagine how it must have felt for Loreen herself to be there, and to be celebrated as the Homecoming Queen that she is.

It’s also of course quite amazing (from the view point of a Brit) that a Eurovision win warrants such a ceremony. But Sweden is immensely proud of what Loreen has just achieved. And we love that this country bestows such a welcome home for a victory in the field of music – the likes of which would probably only be seen for a sporting event in the UK, for example.

She performed ‘Euphoria’ twice (original and orchestral versions) and chatted to host Nassim Al Fakir.

You can watch the whole 30 minute show at SVT’s website here, and watch both performances below (the orchestral version starts at the beginning of the clip, with the original version starting at 6:03).


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