Lotta Engberg rolled into Liseberg again this week for the third of eight installments of her big ol’ pop show, Lotta På Liseberg. And two of our current favourite scandipopstars – Youngblood and Charlotte Perrelli – came along for the ride, the adoration, and the backstage hotdogs and booze.

What the Youngblood chaps lacked in the vocal department at times (c’mon boys, get it together – we know you’re capable of much better than that), they made up for in enthusiasm and energy. They’re a great band of performers and a joy to watch. But yes, the boys in turn need to watch those vox.

Charlotte Perrelli unfortunately didn’t bring along Kate Ryan for a rendition of ‘Little Braveheart’, and nor did she bring along her Melodifestivalen (5th place) favourite, ‘The Girl’. She did however sing a corking track from her new album, ‘Just Not Tonight’. So we’re appeased.

Highlights streaming below. Lowlights and the full show are playing over on TV4’s Lotta På Liseberg website – one of our favourites places on the web of a summer.

Oh and both Youngblood and Charlotte Perrelli’s new albums are available on CD from our online store here. Hooray and hurrah.

Youngblood: ‘American Girlfriend’

Youngblood: ‘Youngblood’

Charlotte Perrelli: ‘Just Not Tonight’


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