Finland decides on January 31st who will represent them at this year’s Eurovision Song Contest (you can read our review of the 12 songs here; For the last month or so, it was looking like Kwan would walk it. They’ve continuously been leading the online poll conducted by Finnish newspaper Ilta Sanomat, with a massive 37%. However, our personal favourite, ‘Lose Control’ by Waldo’s People was released as a single a few weeks back. And this week, it’s managed to climb into the Finnish top ten at number 7. The song has obviously struck a chord with people (we even had a request for it at the last scandipop night, which was duly met!) and has gained an enviable head start against the others. Come January 31st, voters are going to be far more familiar with ‘Lose Control’ than the rest of them. And we’re very happy with that thought – hopefully it’ll mean that we get to see Waldo’s People in Moscow in May against the odds!

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