Meet our latest love affair with a song. It’s ‘Maiden’ by Danish singer MØ.

It’s one of those triumphs of one of our favourite sub genres of Scandipop – the ice cool, down-tempo, female fronted electropop. First and foremost it’s the production on it that got us hooked, and pretty instantly at that. It’s blissfully lush. And actually offers up some sort of sonic juxtaposition of having a great warmth to it, while still maintaining its Scandinavian coldness of its genre. It’s stonkingly good. And very repeat-button friendly.

We don’t really know much about this MØ character other than the fact that this is her debut single. And she’s based in Copenhagen. Oh and this is what she has as her biography on her Facebook page: “The snow nation is eating your brain and your young heart – dark as the apocalypse. So just go perish in the snøw. mø mø mø MØ MØ MØ“. Amazing.

CRIMINALLY, the song still hasn’t been released anywhere, despite the below video having been uploaded to YouTube around three months ago. Sort it out, MØ love.


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