We’ve been covering the ear friendly progress of both Darin and Miss Li so far on this season of Så Mycket Bättre (here and here respectively), but what of the other starlet in the cast that we had high hopes for?

That’s Maja Ivarsson of Swedish group The Sounds. As part of her band, she’s never really grasped too much of our interest, as it’s not our kind of thing. However, such is her star quality, her style, and her voice – we’ve always held out some hope for what her solo material might be like. And it seems as though she’s decided to use Så Mycket Bättre as a launch pad for a solo album that we assume is to come in the near future.

So far on the season, we like what we’ve heard. Particularly on the first week, her song ‘Mitt Bästa För Dig’ was a feisty electro and rock fusion with a fun and upbeat chorus that brings the whole thing right back to POP – where we like things to be. This week’s track ‘Norrländska Präriens Gudinna’ is a more downbeat affair from her, and she replaces the shouty and chanty chorus of the previous week with something a lot more melodic and soft. Different, but no less likable.

We’re gonna be keeping an eye on Maja for sure. Of course these aren’t her original songs that she’s performing on Så Mycket Bättre, but if the style and sound that she’s crafting them into is indicative of what we can expect from her solo album, then it’s potentially gonna be a very good one. She’s got the quirk and the hankering for a bit of electropop, to hopefully turn out some cracking hits of her own in the future. She’s Swedish for a start – what can go wrong?!

For more of Maja Ivarsson’s recent solo outings, check out a really very good dance collaboration of hers here.

And here’s her two songs from Så Mycket Bättre thus far;

Mitt Bästa För Dig

Mitt bästa för dig - Så mycket bättre (Säsong 3 - Pughs dag - Program 1) - EP

Norrländska Präriens Gudinna

Norrländska präriens gudinna - Så mycket bättre, säsong 3: Olles dag - Program 2 - EP


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