The Man Meadow chaps have been quick to follow up this summer’s ‘Overflow’ single, gifting us with a brand new track this week. Although time is of the essence here, you see – as the song in question has been entered into the Swiss national finals to select their entry to the Eurovision Song Contest in 2013.

The Swedish pop duo aren’t any strangers to this Eurovision national final lark. Their first two singles ‘Viva La Musica’ and ‘Love’s Gonna Get You’ both competed in the Polish national finals in their respective years, making the final ten and thus both being performed in the televised contest. Then their most recent single ‘Overflow’ had previously been made more famous by Ditte Marie, who competed in Denmark’s Melodi Grand Prix with the song in February this year. Not to mention all the times they’ve (probably) submitted songs to Sweden’s Melodifestivalen.

The song in question this time around is ‘How Does It Feel’. And it’s pretty fab – certainly up there on a par with all of their previous aforementioned singles. It’s got a down-played and electro verse that gives way to a triumphant pop chorus, with typical Eurovision flare. The whole thing sounds like Gravitonas doused in fairy dust and amyl nitrate and then set alight. So yes – we are most definitely on board with this one.

The Swiss national selection is an odd one. With not much in the way of territory restricted rules, you get every Tom, Dick, and Harry entering every year (last year had British X Factor alumni Same Difference and Maria Lawson take part, to name a few). So we don’t really know how the boys will fare in amongst the rest of the circus. But we wish them the best of luck. The song is great, and a damn sight better than the tripe that Switzerland have been entering into Eurovision in recent years.

You can listen to ‘How Does It Feel’, and watch the video which was shot in New York, right here.


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