Måns Zelmerlöw this weekend premiered a brand new track to be taken from his forthcoming ‘Barcelona Sessions’ album. And we think that this is the next single too, as he’s already filmed a video for it.

It’s ‘Run For Your Life’. And if you thought that his previous single ‘Broken Parts’ was Måns being all grown up, wait until you hear this!

The verses are all well and good. Melodic pop music that’s a little bit gorgeous. But Christ almighty Måns, WHERE is the chorus?! ‘Broken Parts’ already proved that you could be all mature and stuff while still having an absolutely amazing chorus. So why push it even further? We get that you’re never gonna make another ‘Cara Mia’. And trust us, we’re fine with that after hearing ‘Broken Parts’. But ‘Run For Your Life’ is just taking things a little too far. C’mon now.

Maybe it’s a grower?

Run For Your Life

Broken Parts


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