It’s Eurovision week!

Our favourite Scandinavian entry this year, Margaret Berger’s ‘I Feed You My Love’, will compete in tomorrow night’s semi final, in the hope of securing Norway a place in Saturday’s final. And it’s not just our favourite – it’s one of the big favourites in the contest this year, widely expected to do well, and currently the third favourite with betting agencies to win Eurovision. After her Scandinavian neighbour Emmelie de Forest, with ‘Only Teardrops’ for Denmark.

Anyone who saw Berger’s performance of ‘I Feed You My Love’ at Melodi Grand Prix, will be well aware of how breathtaking the song looks on stage. And having seen her rehearse it on the Malmö Eurovision stage, we’re delighted to see that the performance hasn’t changed all that much from the one we already know and love. If it ain’t broke, etc etc. Norway’s turn at Eurovision tomorrow night (and hopefully on Saturday night too) is going to be a real moment. And a chance for the Eurovision Song Contest to prove that it can so easily be a music competition that’s current and relevant to what’s going on in music outside of the contest too – just like ‘Euphoria’ was last year.

Below you can watch a preview of Margaret’s Eurovision performance, recorded at her rehearsal last weekend. Plus, you can watch her perform it at the Nordic party that took place in Malmö this week.

AND – below that, she even goes so far as to saying hello to Scandipop! Sweet girl.

Have a listen to our other highlights of this year’s Eurovision, right here.

Preview of Eurovision performance

Performance at the Nordic delegations party

Margaret says HEJ to Scandipop!


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