Norwegian pop peddler Maya Vik has just released this corker of a tune called ‘On It’, taken from new album ‘Bummer Gun’.

It’s quirky pop with a big emphasis on an even quirkier style of electro. It all sounds tremendously good though. The production has a vigorous play around with synths and sounds, and ties Maya’s alternative vocal style into it all, to match the frantic nature of the music. All this talk of musical discord shouldn’t put you off though, as the song is delivered via a fantastic melody that charms upon first listen. Halfway into the first verse and we were hooked. And it goes without saying that we’ve been going back for more ever since.

This woman look frighteningly like Kylie Minogue in the 90s. Or perhaps just a frightening version of Kylie Minogue in the 90s. But she sounds pretty much like how we would love Kylie Minogue to sound in 2012. Funny that.

Cool video too;

On It - Single - Maya Vik



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