Medina today premiered the video to her new single.

It’s a beautiful video, but then this IS Medina after all. Shot gorgeous locations both indoor and outdoor, it’s fraught with lesbian undertones (we wouldn’t like to assume that they’re overtones, but then towards the end, things do get a bit steamy). It’s a stunner of a video that’s well worth a watch. Even the scene with the cereal in the bath.

Oh yeah, and she gets her boobs out a couple of times too. From the side at least. But it still counts.

On top of this, she also put in a performance at the weekend’s X Factor final in Denmark. She did 2 minutes of ’12 Dage’ and another 2 minutes of her big hit from last year, ‘For Altid’. Performance under the ’12 Dage’ video below. Oooooh, and did you know she’d recorded an English version of ‘For Altid’ for the international market? It’s called ‘Forever’ and you can listen to a clip of it here.

People from outside of Denmark can pick up her new album, plus her previous one, from our online store here.

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