Medina has been out and about recently, promoting both her English language album ‘Forever’ in Germany, and its original counterpart ‘For Altid’ in her native Denmark.

And as a way of varying things and offering her fans something new, she’s taken to often performing acoustic versions of the songs that they all know and love. The originals can’t be beaten of course, but these new arrangements are a fantastic way to once again interpret and appreciate the songs. And on top of that, Medina’s vocal shines through even more so when paired with an unplugged run through of her music.

She’s recently done the majority of the Danish singles from her latest album, and the lead single from her English language album. And you can have a gander at them all here;


12 Dage

Lyser i Mørke

Kl 10 (skip to 08:28)

For Altid

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