Medina has released a brand new single in Germany, Austria, and Switzerland over the weekend. It’s a new English language track, ‘Boring’.

Melodically, it’s a little bit brighter than Medina’s usual dark electropop musings. The opening synths play out the melody of the chorus, so that you’re already familiar with it once it kicks in. And it’s lyrically a memorable chorus at that, which croons “it’s too late, I can’t take another second awake, what you’re giving it ain’t working for me, cos baby you bore the shit out of me“. We love the juxtaposition of a song called ‘Boring’, effortlessly staying in your head after it’s finished playing. She’s sounding ‘poppier’ than ever on here – and of course that’s more than alright with us.

‘Boring’, as well as ‘Forever‘, are taken from her next English language album (also titled ‘Forever’) which comes out in Germany, Switzerland, and Austria on June 1st. A US release will follow in September.

You can pick up Medina’s earlier albums from our online store here.

Boring - Boring - Single



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