Something quite fabulous has popped up online recently. It’s a megamix featuring a lot of the retro mixes that Pete Hammond has done over the last few years. You know the sort – they sound like they were actually made in the 80’s, all PWL and whatnot. We adore every one of them, so it’s marvellous that they’ve all been collected together in a medley. A ten minute reminder/celebration of that impeccable 80’s pop sound.

It’s quite Scandipop friendly too, what with Velvet, Alphabeat, and Basshunter all making an appearance. Here’s the full tracklisting.

1. Alphabeat – Boyfriend
2. Lonnie Gordon – Catch You Baby
3. Kylie Minogue – Put Your Hands Up
4. Mini Viva – Left My Heart In Tokyo
5. Velvet – Chemistry
6. Basshunter – I Promised Myself

Whoever has done it has also gone to the extra trouble of synching the videos for each of the singles into the mix too. For that final polish of amazingnessness.

Embedding onto websites is disabled. But you can watch and listen here.


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