All 32 songs have now been performed, in some cases qualified for the final, in some cases been eliminated from the competition, and in the case of eight songs, have got one more chance to progress to the final. Tomorrow night those eight songs will compete against each other and then two of them will secure a place in the all important grand final next week. SVT have split them into two groups of four. And within each group of four, they’ll be split into pairs. Viewers will vote on which songs they like the most, and then the winner of each of the pair offs will have to compete against each other until there is ultimately one winner of each of the two groups. And then those two songs will make it to the final. Simple, right?!

Tomorrow night, we’ll be tweeting live from the show, so if you can’t watch it at home, or if you simply want to view our opinions whilst your watching it to see if you agree or disagree, then follow us on

Ok, and here are the duels of group one;

Pernilla Wahlgren will compete against Pain of Salvation

And Pauline will be competing against Crucified Barbara

We reckon that Duel 1 will be an easy win for Pernilla. Duel 2 is a bit trickier to predict, but we’d say that Crucified Barbara should clinch it over Pauline, even though she’s doing far better than them sales wise. And then when the winners of duels 1 and 2 are pitted against each other, we are hoping and predicting that Pernilla triumphs. It’s the best song by quite a margin, and the final will be a lot more fun with Pernilla in it!

In the second group, the first duel is between Neo and Kalle Moraeus & Orsa Spelmän.

And then Alcazar go up against Jessica Andersson.

This one is a bit more difficult to predict. Alcazar will easily beat Jessica Andersson in duel 1, but it’s duel 2 that’s difficult. Firstly, we can’t call who it’ll be between Neo and Kalle & Orsa. We much prefer Neo, but there’s nothing else in the competition like Kalle & Orsa, and they were very popular in their heat. If Kalle & Orsa do win, then we don’t think they’ll stand a chance against Alcazar. But if Neo wins, then we’re not entirely sure who’ll be the victor in a phone vote between him and Alcazar. That one is wide open. It’s a shame, because Alcazar and Neo are two of our absolute favourites in the whole competition, and we’d love to see both of them in the final. But unfortunately, because of the draws, only one of them can progress.

But it means that tomorrow night is going to be very exciting indeed!

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