So, the clips of the eight songs competing in heat 2 of Melodifestivalen are now online at And first impressions reveal that it should hopefully be a stronger heat than last week’s highs and lows of questionable quality! We already really like five of the eight songs.

Our favourite so far is ‘Come and Get Me Now’ by Highlights and MiST. These were the winners of the webjoker round, which got them their place in this final 32. And whilst we weren’t fans of the original version that won, we’re very impressed with the makeover it’s been given. It’s very catchy, singalong, and pays a definite homage to pure schlager. We’ll say it’s haf schlager, half dansband, minus any glitter or glamour!

A close second is ‘Manboy’ by Eric Saade, the song that we had highest hopes for this week. It’s a totally unashamed pop song, packing the punch that Ola and Linda Pritchard were so lacking last week. And we can’t imagine Eric giving the performance any less energy than the song deserves.

‘Manipulated’ by Hanna Lindblad sounds like it’s going to be a lot of fun, and just the sort of thing that we usually eat up! Anne Maria Espinosa and Andreas Johnson both have slower songs that hint at turning out to be rousing anthems, which, again, are the kind of ballads that we love. And then, ‘Underbart’ by Kalle Moraeus and Orsa Spelman sounds quite pleasant, even throwing a key change into their mix!

We’re really not feeling Pauline’s song though, disappointing especially given the fact that she was a wildcard. And finally, we’re sure Andra Generationen would have no problem telling you themselves, that their song is a pile of absolute toss!

Our Prediction;
To the Final: Andreas Johnson and Highlights & MiSt
To the 2nd Chance round: Eric Saade and Anne Maria Espinosa

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