Here’s the latest Melodifestivalen blog from Linda Sonnvik, composer of ‘Try Again’, the song which Dilba will perform in Heat 1. Today, Linda tweeted that they’d already gone well over the performance budget. A-MAZING! Melodifestivalen 2011 is clearly going to be launched (heat 1, song 1) with a huge bang!

The countdown has begun! Mello 2011 is here February 5th. And to start the party, as number 1 in heat 1 is Dilba with “Try Again”, woah! When thinking of Sweden’s poor results in ESC the last few years it’s kind of cool that the first song is about “not letting anyone get you (Sweden) down when you’re on your knees”, but to “try again”.

I’m very happy with the brand new press pics of Dilba, presenting this new side of her. It’s difficult to imagine that this pop princess was born in a tent in Kurdistan…

The dancers (yes, of course there will be dancers since it’s a pop/club song!) are rehearsing, the mood boards for the vibe we’re aiming at is all set, and the tailor made stage clothes are drawn up for Dilba and her dancers. The designer and Dilba have found the look together, and I love it!! I can’t wait to see the whole thing come to life in Luleå. Wow!

Alongside this I’m working on new music for different artists (since there is a life after Melodifestivalen, although it’s not as shiny…). But the aim is set on Luleå now. Preperations everywhere, about everything. Less then three weeks to go!!!

If you can’t get enough of my Mello fever, check out my tweets. You can find me on …I will probably tweet loads and loads from Luleå.

Love, joy & glitter confetti

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