SVT seem to have let the cat out of the bag early, with regards to the web-joker contest for Melodifestivalen 2011. The 424 songs competing for 2 places in next year’s Melodifestivalen were supposed to go online next Monday, with public voting on them commencing then. However, they’ve started to appear on SVT’s website this afternoon, one by one. As yet, no official web page has been launched, like there was last year. Instead, the videos of the songs have just been uploaded to SVT’s regular site, unfiltered amongst everything else available on there.

We imagine a special website will be set up pretty sharpish for them. Either that, or they’ll all be removed until Monday. However, we’re not sure how that would impact on rules, as not all 424 have been accidentally uploaded yet, and there will be the inevitable cries about unfair advantages etc, towards the ones that have been.

Oh well! We guess this means that the web-joker competition is now open, unofficially or otherwise. And you can start listening to them at the link above. Personally, we WON’T be listening to them, or covering them on here. There’s FOUR HUNDRED AND TWENTY FOUR to wade through for heaven’s sake! We’re not entirely sure who on Earth has the time, nerves, patience, or lack of a life to sift through FOUR HUNDRED AND TWENTY FOUR songs from amateurs, many of which will be total piss-takes. But we certainly don’t! If you do fall into that category though, enjoy – and let us know if you find any gems!

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