OMG so what happened? Well aside from Petra Marklund totally stealing the whole show (more on that here), Sweden for the second week running, put the right four songs through. That, like, never happens.
And what were the right four songs? Liamoo went straight to the final with what is probably his fifth best single so far (ie worst – but it’s still really good – but honestly, check out the others, if you’ve yet to) ‘Last Breath’ and Samir & Viktor went straight to the final with what is probably their best ever single, ‘Shuffla’. Meanwhile Mimi Werner took ‘Songburning’ to the second chance round, as did Margaret with the banging ‘In My Cabana’.
Were the other three songs not that good? Actually, the 5th placer by Ida Redig was great too. But if we had to lose one of the top five, we reckon we lost the right one. The 6th and 7th placers were awful. We’ve included their vids below too, for comparison.
Anything else of note? To be honest, we’re finding David Lindgren so devoid of any charisma whatsoever, that we’re barely even bothering to watch the rest of the show anymore. We’ve still got a massive soft-spot for the enormously likable Fab Freddie though, and want SVT to start using him much more. That, we’d watch.

You can find the best of the week’s songs on our Best New Pop playlist (aside from the two winners, who will be released at the end of the month).

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