We’re still basking in the neon glow of the first heat of Melodifestivalen 2019, which kicked off in sensational style on Saturday night. And for all of your info on what went down – check out this.

This week though, we move ahead to Heat 2, which takes place this Saturday night. Seven more artists, seven more songs, and if we’re being completely honest in our hopes for this Saturday evening, seven more interval acts!

Who’s competing, and what have they done before? Below is your first guide of the week to Heat 2 of Melodifestivalen.

And ahead of Satursday night, here are the one minute clips of each of the songs AND the 30 second clips of each of Thursday’s rehearsals.


Army Of Us – Andreas Johnson
First up is someone who once had a hit single outside of Sweden back in, *checks history books*, 1999. Ever since, he’s been dining out on that moment, most notably via this platform we call Melodifestivalen. He had a couple of great results with his first two entries, but has been playing catch up ever since then, to ever-diminishing returns. Having him open the heat is quite a bold move for SVT, considering how few people cared the last time he was here (finishing last in his heat in 2015). So either he’s got an incredible song lined up for us, or, as is becoming increasingly more evident, SVT just really really like him.
Songwriters: Andreas Johnson, Jimmy Jansson, Sara Ryan, Andreas ”Stone” Johansson, Sebastian Thott.

I Do Me – Malou Prytz
Pretty much a total newcomer here, 15-year-old Malou will be competing in Melodifestivalen with what is her debut single, ‘I Do Me’. Her past form has amounted to winning national singing comptitions and, as is the way with the aspiring popstars of this generation, uploading vids to YouTube in which she covers other people’s songs.
Songwriters: Isa Tengblad, Elvira Anderfjärd, Fanny Arnesson, Adéle Cechal.

I Love It – Oscar Enestad
Oscar makes his debut as a solo artist in Melodifestivalen, and eager contest watchers won’t need us to tell them that his past participation here was as a member of FO&O – yes, it’s the one with the hair. There’s a lot of confidence in Oscar for this year’s contest, not just because of what his bandmate Felix Sandman achieved last year, but also on the strength of Oscar’s excellent first two singles, ‘Heaven On My Skin‘ and ‘Sign Of My Love‘.
Songwriters: Emanuel Abrahamsson, Parker James, Oscar Enestad.

Leva Livet – Jan Malmsjö
The 86-year-old Jan is a legend of music, theatre, drama, musicals, residencies, comedy, TV, film, radio – he’s done it all. Well, almost all. In 1969 he came 2nd in Melodifestivalen with the song ‘Hej Clown’. 50 years later, he’s back for revenge. He wants that win godammit, and no 19-year-old up-start with a fancy led-display is going to stop him. He gets full marks from us for the sheer fact that we never thought we’d see the day where THAT cardigan made THESE pages. What a guy.
Songwriters: Anderz Wrethov, Elin Wrethov, Johan Bejerholm.

Nakna i Regnet – Vlad Reiser
One of those ‘wacky’ YouTube types who shouts in his videos to a subscriber audience of *peers over spectacles* 400,000. We’re expecting something along the lines of Samir & Viktor crossed with De Vet Du, in terms of Melodifestivalen reference points. But who knows – perhaps Vlad is actually the kind of guy impressive enough to defy all expectations of him.
Songwriters: Lukas Nathansson, John Hårleman, Vlad Reiser, Chris Enberg.

Hold You – Hanna Ferm & LIAMOO
The winner of Swedish Idol 2016 pairs up with the runner-up of Swedish Idol 2017, and join forces with two of our fave songwriters, Jimmy Jansson and Fredrik Sonefors. You already know what Liamoo is capable of, thanks to last year’s Melodifestivalen final, and ‘Last Breath’. But if you’re unfamiliar with Hanna, check out this banger. Out of this heat’s line-up on name alone, these two will surely be the big favourites to go direct to the final in March.
Songwriters: Jimmy Jansson, Fredrik Sonefors, Hanna Ferm, Liam Pablito Cacatian Thomassen.

Tempo – Margaret
Honestly, with a title like that, just send her to Tel Aviv already. Over the last couple of years, Polish artist Margaret has teamed up with a Swedish record label and an army of Swedish songwriters and producers, to become one of the most reliable popstars around when it comes to the sacred art of the delivering of bops. ‘Cool Me Down’, ‘What You Do’, and who can forget last year’s Melodifestivalen finalist ‘In My Cabana’ (it starts with an AIR HORN ffs). If Margaret doesn’t bring to Melodifestivalen 2019 a fast-paced pop belter that bangs hard, we will eat our hat. No, even better – we will eat Andreas Johnson’s hat.
Songwriters: Anderz Wrethov, Jimmy Jansson, Laurell Barker, Sebastian von Koenigsegg.

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