Heat 4 already?! And so by the time Saturday night ends, we’ll have heard the song that Sweden will be sending to the Eurovision Song Contest 2020.
How did it Heat 3 go? You can read all about that right here.
And what has Heat 4 got lined up for us? A former Melodifestivalen winner, an artist who competed at Eurovision for another country last year, and someone who, based on the way the results have gone these last three years, will win Melodifestivalen 2020.
Wait, what? Robin Bengtsson debuted in Melodifestivalen 2016 and returned in 2017 to win. Benjamin Ingrosso debuted in Melodifestivalen 2017, and returned in 2018 to win. John Lundvik debuted in Melodifestivalen 2018, and returned in 2019 to win. Hanna Ferm debuted in Melodifestivalen 2019, and returned in 2020 – to win?…


Heat 4: Malmö, February 22

We Are One – Frida Öhrn
Songwriters: Frida Öhrn, Hampus Eurenius, Nicklas Eklund
Frida was first seen in Melodifestivalen back in 2004 as a part of the trio LaRoxx, finishing 5th in their semi final. She was then a member of the group Oh Laura, scoring an international hit in 2007 with ‘Release Me’. And then she joined the trio Cookies ’N’ Beans, taking part in the 2009 Melodifestivalen, finishing 5th in their semi final, and again in 2013, making it to Andra Chansen. She’s released her own music outside of the contest, but it’s been quite a while since she’s put out any songs. As such, she’ll be entering Melodifestivalen as a bit of a wild card, in terms of knowing what to expect.

Molnljus – William Stridh
Songwriters: Markus Lidén, Christian Holmström, David Kreuger, William Stridh
William shot to fame in the 2018 series of Swedish Idol, finishing 5th. ‘Molnljus’ will serve as his debut single, so there’s not a lot we yet know about him or his sound. Though with David Kreuger on board as a songwriter, we’d say things are already boding quite well for him.

Carpool Karaoke – Nanne Grönvall
Songwriters: Nanne Grönvall, Peter Grönvall
The triumphant return of the legend that is Nanne Grönvall. We say triumphant before we even know the result she’ll be getting on Saturday night, ‘cos that’s how much of a legend she is. The Melodifestivalen stage just hasn’t been the same since she last vacated it in 2007. And after the fast-paced schlager ridiculousness that has been promised with ‘Carpool Karaoke’ (a love letter to James Corden, no less), we doubt the Melodifestivalen stage will ever be the same again. She has described the song as pop, rock, and ultimately very feel-good.

Troubled Waters – Victor Crone
Songwriters: Dino Medanhodzic, Benjamin Jennebo, Victor Crone
Earlier this year, Swedish Victor represented Estonia at the Eurovision Song Contest with ‘Storm’, which went on to become a big radio hit in Sweden. Getting a taste of which side his bread is buttered on, it makes sense that he’s come back to do the whole Eurovision thing again, but this time, more confortably, for his native land.

Surface – Ellen Benediktson & Simon Peyron
Songwriters: Paul Rey, Laurell Barker, Anderz Wrethov, Sebastian von Koenigsegg, Ellen Benediktson
Two artists who each competed in Melodifestivalen 2014 – Ellen on her own with ‘Songbird’, which made the final, and Simon as part of his band Outrigger – are now back to the contest again, together. Quite what they’ll be sounding like, is anyone’s guess, given that the three Melodifestivalen appearances they’ve contributed to so far have resulted in metal, acoustic, and what could only be described as electro-musical-theatre. Bring on the eclecticism.

Om Du Tror Att Jag Saknar Dig – Jakob Karlberg
Songwriters: Nanne Grönvall, Isak Hallén, Henrik Moreborg, Jakob Karlberg
Jakob is most well-known in Sweden for his massive summer single of 2015, ‘Fan Va Bra’. He’d been relatively quite for a while, but he’s back with a brand-new record deal and, we’d expect, some top-notch new tunes to show off. And what better way than on the highest rated TV show of the year, every year.

Brave – Hanna Ferm
Songwriters: David Kjellstrand, Jimmy Jansson, Laurell Barker
The vocals on this girl were one of the big highlights of Melodifestivalen 2019, when she performed the absolute hell out of ‘Hold You’ with Liamoo, finishing a respectable third. As expected, given Liamoo got his solo shot in 2018, Hanna is back in 2020 for a stab at Melodifestivalen on her own. And we imagine that of all the artists that the top-tier writers would have submitted their best songs to, it’s Hanna that will have had her pick of the crop. We fully expect ‘Brave’ to bang.

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