YAYYY! A Euphoric new dance anthem from Sweden, with very heavy nods to pop. We love it when these things happen.

The song is ‘I Do’ by Michael Feiner and Caisa. Michael Feiner you may well know from him being one half of The Attic, along with Eric Amarillo. Caisa you may well know also, but we don’t.

Now. While this is a dance song and thus its brilliance is mostly down to the production, we must also give bucketfulls of credit to Caisa’s topline on the track. The verses and chorus are immense in themselves, but the vocal is also notable for two actual SCREEEAAAMMMMS that are thrown in for good measure. Still, it’s her chorus that’s the big star. We love how she sounds so genuinely and emotionally excited to be singing the words “I give all my love to you, I do” over and over – particularly as the song is drawing the a close and the aforementioned excitement is ramped up ten-fold. In fact, it’s that last 30 seconds or so that is the best part of the song. An amazing piece of dance music right there, readers.

Big ol’ cheers to Paul from the Scandipop Facebook group for the recommendation on this one. Click here and request to join in on the chat if you’ve not already.

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