Så Mycket Bättre started up again on Saturday night. And while Darin’s interpretation of ‘Stockholm’ was the first song that we went to, it’s actually Miss Li’s ‘Här Kommer Natten’ which is the one that’s seemingly captivated Sweden the most. Since the show aired, it’s that song which has stayed at number 1 on iTunes, leaving Darin to remain in second place.

Her version of Pugh Rogefeldt’s track is packed with emotion. If Darin’s ‘Stockholm’ is the rave on the dance floor, Miss Li’s ‘Här Kommer Natten’ is the head-in-hands hangover the following day. And while hangover don’t normally receive all that much sympathy, you’d have to be inhumane to not want to give Miss Li a massive hug after hearing her breakdown on this.

To get the full effect of just how amazing this particular version of this song is, it’s best to have seen her performance of it on Saturday night’s Så Mycket Bättre. But since TV4 are blocking it to people outside of Sweden – well we’re sure it’s not too difficult to imagine quite how the final minute of the song went down…..

Here’s the audio;

Så mycket bättre (Säsong 3 - Pughs dag - Program 1) - EP - Various Artists




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