Oh Mohombi, well this is either absolute genius or shamefully ridiculous!

A new song from the half Swedish half Congolese gent has surfaced online this week. It’s called ‘In Your Bed’ and its sound is not a million miles away from the better stuff that we got to hear on his debut album, ‘Movemeant’. HOWEVER, there’s one element that we just can’t stop obsessing over. It’s making our heads spin. Basically, he’s taken the hook from chorus of the famous song by The Cranberries, ‘Zombie’ – a grunge rock protest song about the religious and political troubles in Northern Ireland, and with the IRA, in the early 90’s – and he’s turned it into a club track about the fact that if you’re a lady, it’s very likely indeed that he’s going to be having sex with you if you’re ever lucky enough to meet him.

It replaces The Cranberries lyric of “in your head, in your head, zombie. zombie. zombie-ie-ie” with “who’s in your bed, in your bed, Mohombi. Mohombi. Mohombi-i-i“!

Naturally, we’re veering towards the side of it being brilliant and clever, as opposed to woeful and tasteless. It helps that it’s an absolute stomper of a tune though.

It’s a leak, so we don’t know how long the below 2.5 minute clip will stay online for. So get your ears around this while you can. And attempt, somehow, to get your head around it too!

We’re thoroughly enjoying Mohombi at the moment. See also the superb track he features on that we wrote about a few days back, ‘Suevemente’.

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