When Mohombi is good, he is sodding brilliant. And thankfully for him and of course for us the humble consumers of his music – his new single is fan-effing-tastic!

It’s called ‘Maraca’, it’s by Red One (obv), and it’s released in Sweden tomorrow. We’ve been giving it multiple spins all day and we can confidently announce that we reckon it’s better than anything on his first album. There you go. It’s not quite as mind numbingly incredible as his recently leaked ‘In My Bed’ or his Nayer collaboration ‘Suave’, but we’re gonna give it some more time to bed in, and who knows. WHO KNOWS!

The best bit is clearly the “maraca-ca-ca” vocal riff. It’s all just soooo catchy. And we love Red One’s extra club concentrated production on it.

Right now the Mohombster is in the studio working on tracks for his new album with Taio Cruz, Pitbull, Nayer, and Flo-Rida. All with Red One, we hope!

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