Molly Sandén: ‘Freak’

Molly Sandén: ‘Freak’

Molly Sandén has returned triumphantly to pop music today. Triumphant in that she’s come back with an amazing song, and triumphant in that it’s already gone to number 1 on Swedish iTunes.

It’s an OTT (in a good way), hugely dramatic and theatrical ballad. Starting off as a delicate little thing, before blossoming into a sweeping, orchestral and beat heavy beauty. More Ghost than Freak. The bestest part of all is the section that serves as the post-chorus right after the second chorus, which sort of merges into a middle eight. It’s extremely grandiose, and almost sonically ostentatious with it. But gorgeously so. Sound wise, we’re likening it to the gothic younger sister of Elin Lanto’s recent comeback single ‘Skylight’. And the two of them sound awesome played back to back.

It’s the best thing she’s ever come out with.

The lyrics are written from the perspective of Molly’s 12 year old self – lacking in self-confidence and plagued by self-doubt, particularly in terms of her appearance. OH MOLLY – YOU’RE A STUNNER!

‘Freak’ is written by Molly herself, along with Mary-Jane Smith and Victor Thell out of Smith & Thell, and Kevin Högdahl out of RedOne. She’s released it on her own newly formed record label too – what a woman.

Here you can listen to the song via Spotify (and under that her first TV performance of it on last night’s Lotta på Liseberg…….and under that the studio version via YouTube if you don’t have Spotify);

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